As the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to spread, so too does public panic. Yes, there are several reasons to fear the virus (and plenty of reasons not to): It’s horrific, deadly and difficult to contain. But that doesn’t mean it’s spreading easily. Ebola is transmitted through contact with body fluids, such as blood, vomit, feces, sweat, saliva or tears — or semen. That’s right: Ebola can be sexually transmitted.
You don’t expect total realism in a fashion shoot for a magazine that’s called Glamour. And it’s a positive thing that so many celebrity mothers are coming forward lately to promote breast-feeding as a normal, healthy act that doesn’t need to be covered up or exiled to a separate space. But as you gaze upon that Patrick Demarchelier photo of new mom Olivia Wilde, the one in which she’s lovingly holding her naked infant son while he nuzzles at her Roberto Cavalli half-clad bosom, just remember that it goes down a little differently where you’re breast-feeding here in the real world.
Rand Paul is not the worst Republican. If he can use his influence to make criminal justice reform acceptable within the GOP, for example, he’ll have done more good than the rest of the GOP combined has done in decades. But there are real contrasts in his rhetoric and his record, past and present, which he all too often is unprepared to explain. If he doesn’t figure that out, the spotlight of a presidential contest is going to break him.