Cadets on the school’s athletic teams are alleged to have sexually assaulted female classmates, and those crimes were largely ignored by coaches and administrators. When cadets were held accountable, the school took no further action to discipline the coaches and other officers who failed to act. The report exposes, as Alan Pyke of ThinkProgress put it, ‘the intersection of hero culture and rape culture.’
If there’s one thing Republicans have learned over the years it’s to never let legalities stand in the way of a good fundraising scam. And one of their best cons ever was Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed’s brilliant scheme to con millions from Indian tribes to run a supposedly religious-based anti-gambling campaign against the tribes’ rivals in order to gain exclusive gambling rights. And even better was the revelation that they were ripping off their own Christian clients as well. What’s not to like? Publicly appeasing religious conservatives at the expense of Indian tribes on behalf of other Indian tribes for whom they have nothing but contempt? It’s beautiful. Only Iran-Contra comes to mind as a similarly elegant illegal scheme.
Everything. First, we have a black president, who is commander in chief of a pro-Israel state. And black people are generally not into publicly and vocally criticizing Barack Obama, despite plenty of privately whispered reservations around kitchen tables and in barber shops and beauty shops. Second, African-Americans are disproportionately evangelical Christians, and evangelical Christianity, with its love of the story of Moses leading the Israelites (almost) to the Promised Land, is rooted in a kind of conservative theology that justifies a pro-Israel position. When President Obama was elected to office, many considered him to be the progenitor of the new “Joshua Generation,” who having thrown off the Mosaic tropes of older models of black leadership, which characterized everyone from Harriet Tubman to MLK, was now poised to actually lead the nation into the ‘promised land.’