And then I watched McCarthy’s character, Megan—clad in orthopedic sandals and a boxy, shape-obscuring pant-and-Guy Fieri bowling-shirt combo—look at a random man at a party and loudly announce that she was “going to climb that like a tree.” The audience erupted in laughter but I pursed my mouth. This still wasn’t as painful as the moment later in the film when the titular characters are on a flight to Vegas and Megan flirts with her cringing male seatmate by slapping her stomach and offering him access to her undercarriage. This gag shares an unspoken punchline with that misogynist old chestnut about rolling a fat woman in flour and seeking out the wet spot: that fat women’s bodies are inherently disgusting, especially when displaying sexual desire, and courting desire in turn. Visibility alone was no longer enough. I’m left longing for stories about fat women that don’t tumble off the wrong side of that thin tightrope between laughing with and laughing at.
Fat-shaming isn’t effective. It’s prevalent, to be sure, although research has shown that stigmatizing obesity can actually contribute to increasing obesity rates. A recent study published in the Journal of Health Psychology aimed to evaluate why the positive correlation between stigma and obesity exists, specifically for women. By reviewing daily assessments of the weight-based interactions of 50 overweight women, researchers found that the negative feelings associated with fatness can lead to negative psychological health overall, in addition to reduced physical well-being.
As women have long been aware, sound is indeed where sex toys are most in need of technological innovation. Case in point: the Hitachi. A teeth-chatteringly powerful device that alerts everyone within a five-block radius that you are getting it on with a back-massager. Not everyone likes announcing such things to the world. Even the quietest of vibrators are too loud, as any woman with a roommate well knows. We ladies appreciate the innovation of vibrator-heads shaped like various members of the animal kingdom and all, but what we really want is a toy that is silent. So now that mechanical sex toys are increasingly being marketed toward men, maybe innovation is on the way at last.

10 Things Not to Say to a Lesbian

  1. "Who’s the ‘man’ in this relationship?"
  2. "So if you like girls, are you attracted to yourself?"
  3. "How do you have sex?"
  4. "How do you know you’re a lesbian if you’ve never had sex with a man?"
  5. "Wanna have a threesome?"
  6. "Really? But you’re so pretty!"
  7. "So since you married a man, you’re not bi anymore, right?"
  8. "What do you have against dick?"
  9. "You just haven’t met the right man yet."
  10. "I wish I were a lesbian. Things would be so much easier."

Please refrain from saying these

How You Can See the Light and Leave the GOP

I was a 20-year-old college dropout with no more than $100 in the bank the day my son was born in 1994.  I’d been in the Coast Guard just over six months. Joining the service was my solution to a lot of problems, not the least of which was being married to a pregnant, 19-year-old fellow dropout.  We were poor, and my overwhelming response to poverty was a profound shame that drove me into the arms of the people least willing to help — conservatives.

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