The problem with all this is we root around looking for the diet or the food fad that’s going to make us feel healthy and look good and be sustainable at the same time. We have Paleo diets, and we have these cockamamie ideas of what the world can support because it’s in fashion or because it shows to be working for the short term, but that will last about as long as the conversation and then we’ll be on to something else. Unfortunately, the land can’t support those diets

10 Strange Facts About Penises

  1. There’s a fish with a penis on its head.
  2. The biggest human penis belongs to a 43-year-old New Yorker. It’s 13.5 inches long.
  3. At eight feet long, the blue whale’s penis is the largest of any living animal.
  4. The average shrew penis is only 0.2 inches.
  5. The human penis is shaped like a boomerang during missionary
  6. Some penises have multiple heads.
  7. Lots of penises are barbed.
  8. The penis shrinks if unused.
  9. The oldest penis fossil dates back 425 million years
  10. Don’t judge a penis’ size in the locker room; there are growers and showers.