While the IDF has succeeded in destroying a number of tunnels and in targeting some Hamas militants, the operation has also resulted in the deaths of over 1,900 Palestinian civilians, including 408 children. It has been reported that more children have died in the IDF’s operation than armed fighters. These facts and this devastating reality has resulted in increased isolation for Israel and international condemnation, as well as the potential prosecution of both Hamas and Israel for war crimes.
The absurdity runs deep: America is using American military equipment to bomb other pieces of American military equipment halfway around the world. The reason the American military equipment got there in the first place was because, in 2003, the US had to use its military to rebuild the Iraqi army, which it just finished destroying with the American military. The American weapons the US gave the Iraqi army totally failed at making Iraq secure and have become tools of terror used by an offshoot of al-Qaeda to terrorize the Iraqis that the US supposedly liberated a decade ago. And so now the US has to use American weaponry to destroy the American weaponry it gave Iraqis to make Iraqis safer, in order to make Iraqis safer.
It’s not just ironic; it’s a symbol of how disastrous the last 15 years of US Iraq policy have been, how circuitous and self-perpetuating the violence, that we are now bombing our own guns. Welcome to American grand strategy in the Middle East.
The corporate world has to do better, not just for moms or even dads but everybody, whether they’re single or partnered, parents or child-free. There has to be an understanding that all of us deserve lives outside of our jobs, and that in fact we function better as employees when we are not waking up, baffled, on a tarmac somewhere in Tucson. And the media needs to shut the hell up already with the idiotic notion that anybody can have it all. We make sacrifices. We make tradeoffs. It’s what people do. All of us.