7 Important Things to Know About Big Penises

  1. Bigger is only better to an extent.
  2. Women care about other things way more than they care about dick size.
  3. Just because big penises are the standard in porn doesn’t mean they should be yours in real life.
  4. The expectations around big penises are too high.
  5. Sex isn’t just about penetration.
  6. Big penises can be painful.
  7. Being a “size queen” leaves too many men out.

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The number of Americans who cite “none” when asked about a religious identity is rising rapidly, up to nearly 20% from 15% in 2007, with a third of people under 30 identifying with no religious faith. Two-thirds of the “nones” say they believe in God, suggesting that this is more of a cultural drift towards secularism than some kind of crisis of faith across the country. But even this may underrepresent how secular our country really is getting, as many people who say they belong to a church don’t really go to church much, if at all. While Americans like to tell pollsters they go to church regularly, in-depth research shows they are lying and many of them blow it off, putting our actual church-going rates at roughly the same level of secular Western Europe.
Being infertile can turn you into a cut-throat, crazy person. As an infertile woman, my life is characterized by disappointment. I’ve consulted naturopaths, a midwife, a Mayan massage therapist and two acupuncturists. I’ve done my three rounds of intra-uterine insemination. I’ve had a failed round of IVF. And, like infertile women everywhere, I cling to my partner and sob when I get my period, month after bitter month. Prolonged infertility is a deeply private, demoralizing and defeminizing process. It breeds isolation, anxiety and depression — and a very understandable desire to throttle anyone not going through it.