I don’t simply mean that abortion providers are negatively affected by laws that dictate how wide their hallways must be, because of course they are. Abortion providers are also forced to bear the shame and stigma placed on the women for whom they provide abortions. Some providers face more stigma and more restrictions than others, because of local culture or the law; others, like Dr. De-Lin, face fewer threats to their safety or their livelihood. Their experiences vary widely from state to state or even from clinic to clinic. They are unique, just like the experiences of their patients.
We are increasingly renting instead of buying our homes. Rental household growth is rising at double the rate it has in previous decades. Developers are building more multi-family units than they have in years. Last month, the home ownership rate fell to a 19-year low, down to 64.7 percent from a peak of 69.2 percent in 2004.