The 7 Worst Right-Wing Moments of the Week

  1. Bryan Fischer warns gay burger wrappers could conquer Iowa.
  2. Gender-neutral bathrooms confuse the living hell out of Fox News
  3. Central American immigrants might have Ebola (except they don’t)
  4. Glenn Beck “betrays the republic” by sending aid to migrant children.
  5. Ann Coulter thinks undocumented immigrant deserves an Oscar for telling story.
  6. Tom Coburn thinks legalized weed will end in tragedy.
  7. Conservatives loathe soccer because liberals like it.

These really happened.

A mother in her 40s, Debra Harrell, is currently in jail for letting her 9-year-old daughter play in well-populated park while Ms. Harrell was at work. Tanya McDowell, a homeless single mother, was charged with felonious larceny when she hoped for a better education for her son, using her babysitter’s address instead of her last known permanent address in a worse neighborhood, to enroll her son in kindergarten. (i.e., “stealing” a free public education). Shanesha Taylor, another single homeless mother, had no one to watch her two small children, so she left them in the car during a job interview. She got the job — and then returned to find the cops waiting for her. (The district attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona, has now agreed to dismiss the charges, as long as Taylor completes parenting courses, and establishes education and child-care trust funds for her kids.) In all three cases mothers were separated from their children for the act of mothering.
Representative Diane Black of Tennessee had the gall to make the abortion-leads-to-breast cancer claim, one that has been disproven many times over. Others repeatedly cited the horrific cases of Kermit Gosnell, insinuating that all abortion providers (abortionists, in their lingo) are predatory and that late term abortions are a common occurrence. In fact, if women had access to safe, comprehensive and intimidation-free care, Kermit Gosnell would have never been in business. Given the opposition’s testimony, you’d never know that late term abortion is actually a rarity. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 90 percent of all abortions occur before 13 weeks gestation, with just over 1 percent taking place past 21 weeks.
Between low royalties, opaque payout rates, declining record sales and suspicion that the major labels have cut deals with the streamers that leave musicians out of the equation, anger from the music business’s artier edges is slowing growing. It’s further proof of the lie of the “long tail.” The shift to digital is also helping to isolate these already marginalized genres: It has a decisive effect on what listeners can find, and on whether or not an artist can earn a living from his work.
Nearly two out of every three minimum wage workers in this country is a woman. And many of those women are the primary caregivers in their households. And yet we’re still trapped in this cycle in which conservative lawmakers and others on the right ignore all of this in favor of platitudes about personal responsibility and talking points that will do absolutely nothing to help working parents — particularly working mothers — care for themselves and their families.
An undercover Dragon Television reporter found that in June 18 tons of chicken skin that was over half a month past its expiry date had been used for chicken nuggets, and that beef more than a month past its expiry had been used for KFC burgers.The meat was pulverized and processed to extend its shelf life for another year, according to the report. Workers told Dragon Television that the meat smelled but ‘eating it wouldn’t kill you.’ According to the South China Morning Post, the Dragon footage shows Shanghai Husi workers ‘picking up food from the floor and throwing it into processing machines.’ Discarded McDonald’s McNuggets were ‘reprocessed until they passed inspection.’